The Stabilizer on top of the Z axis and the Gear gaps remover bolt ensure precision accuracy during the printing process. Your 3D objects will all be uniform. The Stabilizer is firmly fixed the moving Z axis without vibration, the Gap remover is to get rid of the gear gaps. These 2 important components are costly but it provides amazing steady than ever.

D2K Insight: The Most Advanced Consumer Grade 3D Printer

The D2K Insight is a high performance, personal (DLP) 3D printer. It's an affordable way to produce high quality 3D objects

Our goal in making the D2K Insight is to provide regular people like artist, artisans and small business owners access to a reliable, ultra high resolution 3D printer at a price that won’t break the bank.  The D2K Insight 3D printer is the sleek, reliable and affordable consumer solution to producing professional quality 3D objects